Art for the Soul

With Savitri Art, bring the essence of silence to your everyday spaces. Our curated collection of meditative paintings are not just decor; they are companions for your inner journey, crafted to awaken the sacred beauty that lies within and around you.

Our Inspiration

Art as Sadhana

Savitri Art is our humble attempt to capture an inner movement, deeper aspiration and higher vision into the outer form of paintings.

Savitri, a Mantric Poem

Savitri is the inspiration behind these paintings, an epic mantric poem of 24000 lines based on the story of Savitri & Satyavan from the Mahabharata.

Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo is the author of Savitri – a revolutionary, seer, sage and poet – the Rishi of the Indian Renaissance.

Our Collection

Gift yourself a unique meditative painting that calls to you.

Invoke sacredness in your spaces.

Every painting is the culmination of an intensive creative process, with typically more than 20 iterations and drafts meticulously developed to faithfully transcribe the inner vision, emotion, and dynamism onto the canvas. This is a labor of devotion, entailing many hours, all in pursuit of awakening the soul through art.

Our Artists

Meet the team behind the artworks who took up painting as their sadhana — their spritual practice — attempting to infuse each piece with a touch of the soul.


Usha Arvind, is the pioneer and foundational pillar for the Savitri Art movement. She has offered more than 50 paintings to Auroville. She aspires to transform and progress integrally through Art & enjoys expressing the inner Self and Divinity in her paintings.


Padmarani is currently working as a counsellor in CHIREC International School in Hyderabad. She has been working with children and young adults with special needs and is interested in Integral Education and Integral Psychology.



Jaganmayi Himamshu enjoys the creative energy both technically as a programmer and aesthetically as an artist. She enjoys assimilating the spiritual teachings of Sri Aurobindo and is in a devoted pursuit of spiritualism, using art as her path of sadhana.


Sahana Uppar is the coordinator for the Savitri Art sangha and a core member of the artist team. She has a doctorate in Psychology and is deeply interested in Integral Psychology and Integral Education. Savitri Painting has been her way of sadhana, a way of giving herself to the Divine.

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